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           Our People: In the Press            

Success Stories: Japan editors all have substantial past experience with Japan and global business through past employment with global financial institutions, management consulting firms, investment firms, or non-financial corporations.  Most also have Ivy-League university education and/or MBAs and management degrees from some of the world's top universities.

Our editors are frequently quoted in the mainstream business media on topics related to foreign company Japan business strategy, Japanese domestic industry trends, and Japanese companies' global and domestic strategies.   They have appeared on CNN, and are regularly quoted by news organizations including Barron's, Business Week, Associated Press, Nikkei, Reuters, Japan Inc., and  Their opinion pieces also appear in the Nikkei Weekly and Bridge Forum.

Click here to read an opinion piece written by our staff for Nikkei Weekly, or one of our recent quotes in Business Week, Barron's , or Reuters.

Our People: Executive Conferences

Success Stories: Japan editors speak regularly before executive conferences, such as:

  • "Japan Distribution Strategy" at the American Marketing Association, Honolulu, November 1998

  • "Asian Business Development" at Frost and Sullivan, in San Francisco, December 1998 and Santa Clara, December 1999

  • "Asia Pacific Business Opportunities" at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, March 2000

  • "Innovative Strategies for Success in Japan" at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), Tokyo, June, 2000.

  • "Global Forum on Japan," Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, March 2001.

  • "Innovative Strategies for Success in Japan" at the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan (DIHKJ), Tokyo, April, 2001.

  • "Japan 3G Global Summit", Westin Hotel, Tokyo, April 2001.

  • "2001 Digital Content Conference", The Conference Board, New York City, May 2001.

Our editors are available to speak at conferences and company-specific meetings.  Please contact our editorial staff to arrange it.

Our People: Contributors

Success Stories: Japan specialist contributors are experienced and well-known Japan business practitioners (not pundits).  We select them for their deep knowledge of the topics of which they write.

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