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Recent Specialist Contributors to Success Stories: Japan

Rochelle Kopp, Managing Principal, Japan-Intercultural Consulting

Craig Will, CEO, MapMotion KK; and former President, Palm Japan

Lawrence Eng, PhD, Specialist on Otaku

Paul King, President, Momo-No-Ki Group (Pharmaceutical Consultants)

Sho Ikeda, CEO, Sunrise Advisors

Bruce Van Dyne, General Manager,Telemarketing Japan

Taketoshi Natsui, President, DISCO International

Will Perrin, President, Perrin Pacific Corporation

Arudou Debito, Social Critic,

Seth Sulkin, President, Pacifica Malls

Joel Greer, Attorney, White & Case (Japan)

Paul Scalise, PhD, Former Japan Electricity and Utilities Analyst

Nancy Lichtenstein, Great Lakes Consulting Group

Saul Fleischman, Direct Mail Consultant, Mega-World

Jim McCormick, Principal, IVEX International

John P. Stern, President, Japan Market Engineering

David Austin, Senior Consultant, JapanLink

Gillian Tett, Former Tokyo Bureau Chief, Financial Times

Mark Lerner and Vincent Poizat, M&A Advisors, Morgen, Evan & Company

Paul Werbaneth, Managing Director, Tegal Japan

Kenneth Alan Grossberg, Professor and Director, Waseda Marketing Forum

Joseph Tan, Japan Privacy Researcher, National University of Singapore

Andrew Shipley, Economist and Author

Akinori Nakamura, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan A/P University

Dr. Isa Ducke, Researcher, German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo

Sharon Barnett, Senior Vice President, Prestige International

Stephen P.Gasser, Japan-America Consulting Corp

Annie Shibata, Principal, Border Crossings International

David P. Nick, President, DPNA International

Dylan Tanner, Representative Director, ERM Japan

Thomas Nevins, President and Founder, TMT, Inc.

Wolfgang Lux, General Manager, American Management Association Japan

Jeffrey Funk, Associate Professor, Kobe University

Dr. Akira Odani, President, Odani Research Co.

Keiko Shintani, Japan Language Forum

Gerhard Fasol, CEO, Eurotechnology Japan KK

Kaoriko Kuge, Web Freelancer

Tim Clark, Former president of Japan internet consulting firm, TKAI, Inc.

William R.Farrell, President and CEO, Dynamic Strategies/Asia

Charles Duffy, Former President, American Management Association (Japan)

Bonnie Dixon and Mark Broude, Schulte, Roth & Zabel, LLP,   Reprinted Here

Nicholas Benes, President, Japan Transaction Partners

Mindy Kotler, Japan InformationAccess Project

Reg Bowden, President, Bowden & Associates

Bob Zukis and Carol McGregor, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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