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Highlights: March 2009 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Ten Private, Unlisted Japanese Companies Set to Outperform in 2009

There’s no better time to publish our fourth annual list of unlisted, independent Japanese companies that, even in the current climate, are seen as likely to outperform during 2009.

Which companies have the next breakthrough technology? Or are the next dominant player in an industry? Or are consistently-reliable cash flow producers in a mundane segment like food or beverage? You may be as likely to identify it among Japan’s unlisted companies as among its more famous names. Because Japan’s economy is made up of millions of enterprises, the vast majority of them small and medium-sized companies with long-held customer relationships as well as consistent — and not always small — profits.  This year we profile companies in the biotech, defense, industrial metals, nightclub entertainment, education, food, accounting, engineered materials, figurine-making, and bullion trading industries.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Indulgent Parsimony Is the Key for Japan's Consumer Marketers" (Part Two)

Last issue, our specialist contributor discussed some ways in which the behavior of Japanese consumers might change in a more uncertain economic environment. In Part Two, he offers suggestions to consumer marketers in Japan on how they might consider modifying their product and marketing strategies in such an altered environment.   Both the February and March 2009 issues are critical reads for consumer marketing companies serious about Japan.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

How are Small Companies in Japan Handling the Crisis? Three CEOs Offer Their Expansive Views In Their Own Words; Foreign Dividend Repatriation Tax Break May Strengthen the Yen in April

From the Editors

What's the Chance that Japan Will Suffer Deeply?...

Plus much more...

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