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Highlights: March 1999 Issue

Exclusive Interview: Leader Says Japan is Open to Foreign Mergers

Read our exclusive interview with Diet Finance Committee Chairman and LDP leader J.S. Murai, an influential Congressman who offers his views on Japan's internet industry, investment policy, capital markets development, pension reform plans, and deregulatory efforts.   Our readers had a hint of how Japanese-style 401(k)s would develop way before anyone else.  Find out what this influential member has to say about a wide variety of issues of interest to foreign companies in this exclusive interview.

Playboy: Never Lose Sight of What Works in Japan

How has Playboy adjusted its wide assortment of consumer products for Japan?  It's about understanding customers, marketing its brand, and executing well.  Oh, and finding the right licensees for each individual product category.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Improving Japan's medical device approval process; the latest survey of internet usage in Japan; Are foreign companies heading to Tokyo's Rainbow town?

A Specialist Offers Advice: "A Changing Foreign Services Marketplace":

Technology, telemarketing, and educational seminars are among the strategies foreign insurance companies and other financial firms in Japan are testing, says this former ACCJ Executive Director.

Plus much more...

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