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Highlights: April 1999 Issue

Ardent Software: A Well-Planned Entry Strategy

Opportunities in the world's second largest information technology (IT) market were too difficult for leading data-warehouse software vendor Ardent Software to pass up.  But before it entered, it had to modify its products for Japan, learn about it customers, and line up resellers ranging from Nippon Steel and Sumitomo affiliates to technology giants NEC and Hitachi.

El Torito: A Strong Partner and a Deliberate Approach

  Why are some foreign restaurant formats so enormously successful in Japan, while others never seem to gain any momentum?  Alot has to do with your foreign partner, and customizing the menu for the unique tastes of the Japanese consumer.  Here's how Prandium (formerly Koo Koo Roo) manages the growth of El Torito Mexican Restaurants in Japan.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Which foreign mutual fund products are selling well in Japan?  Local bank employees reveal all...; Sports Authority's Japan joint venture divestiture has very little to do with the company's success in Japan; Disposable medical product distributors.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Bankruptcy in Japan: An M&A Primer for Executives" (Part One):

Buying distressed Japanese companies is a way to gain nationwide distribution and market position in Japan overnight.  Merrill Lynch, Cargill, and GE Capital are examples of foreign companies who have used this unique strategy.  What are the difficulties, and what are the considerations you should weigh?  Our specialists spell it all out in the first of a two-part feature.

Japan Observer

In Japan, courtesy is cultural and at the heart of all forms of communication.  Our writer explores the phenomenon.

Plus much more...

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