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Highlights: April 2000 Issue

Exclusive Survey: Non-Japanese Companies Report What it Takes to Build and Execute their Japan Web Strategy

What does it take for non-Japanese companies to execute a Japan web strategy?   Our exclusive survey of 117 non-Japanese companies brings the reality of the Japan web effort to light.  Responding executives report on their design efforts, hosting, costs, time to implement, use of in-house or outside resources, the need for re-designs, amount of staff commitment, performance, and other key metrics.  They also provide their opinions on the Japanese web and what it takes to compete effectively.  Essential reading for those who think they know what to expect in launching and managing a Japanese-language website.

1999 Inbound (to Japan) M&A Review

Only the largest cross-border mergers and acquisitions, like Renault/Nissan, Cable & Wireless/IDC, GE Capital/Japan Leasing and Ripplewood/LTCB, are ever reported in the general press.  But in 1999, many other significant deals indicated a direction for foreign companies active in Japan inbound M&A.  We summarize key deals in some major sectors, highlight some interesting trends, and talk about one (unreported) deal we think was exceptionally smart.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Another coffee retailer (and Starbucks' competitor) seeks to enter Japan; Fujitsu is the key to Dialog's complete transformation; Real estate broker Kennedy-Wilson' s CEO is not only gearing up in Japan, he's planning to list the company; Japan Commercial Minister-Counselor Sam Kidder and other Japan specialists (including one of our own) address USC's Annual Asia-Pacific Business Outlook Conference; and more...

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Things Foreign Businesspeople Do that Really Annoy Japanese (Part Two): The Importance of Hansei"

Your Japanese colleagues and partners will rarely share thoughts like these with you.  But our writer is an insider, and she'll tell you how Japanese really feel about you.  And also about the importance of 'hansei.'   If you're ready...

Travel Watch

Two years later, what effect did the 1998 Japan-US bilateral airline treaty have on business class fares?  We give you some hard data.

Plus much more...

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